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Employee Wellness Solutions

Corporate Wellness

The Resilience Advantage™

-Skills for Personal and Professional Effectiveness

Training designed for organizations and groups. Developed by HeartMath, this workshop provides tools and strategies to strengthen resiliency, improve decision-making and increase productivity.

At the workshop’s core are easy-to-learn self-regulation tools and resilience-building practices that help individuals become more physiologically and emotionally balanced.
improving levels of internal coherence, one experiences a more optimal physiological state – harmonious function of the body’s mental, emotional and physical systems. With practice, it’s possible to shift to a more coherent and composed state before, during and after challenging situations, thus maximizing clarity and emotional stability.

Workshop content includes

  • Optimal performance.
  • The nature of resilience.
  • The role of emotions in performance and health/our daily emotional landscape.
  • Depleting and renewing emotions.
  • The physiology of coherence.
  • Heart rhythms and how different emotions affect them.
  • How emotions drive brain activity into chaos or coherence
  • The impact of relational energetics.
  • Powerful techniques to boost performance, resilience and quality of life
  • Demonstration of emWave Pro® technology.

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Workbooks and training materials are provided. The Resilience Advantage workshop includes a pre- and post- workshop Personal and Organizational Quality Assessment (POQA) for participants – recommended to be done 2 weeks before the first workshop and 6 weeks after the final session, respectively.

How the program is organized:

The Resilience Advantage workshops can be delivered in several time formats:

  • One or two 4 hour presentations (1/2 day and full day)
  • Two 2 hour presentations
  • Four 1 hour presentations

Food and beverage options are available, perfect for lunch. Custom programs and private sessions are also available.

6 Stress Stats Every Employer Needs to Know

  • 60-90% of doctors visits are related to stress.
  • Stress costs American industry $60 billion a year.
  • Almost 2/3 of American workers cite work as a significant source of stress. More than 1/3 experience chronic work stress.
  • 60% of all absenteeism at work is due to stress.
  • Stress causes illness, lowers productivity and fuels interpersonal conflicts in the workplace.
  • Health care costs are 50% higher for workers who report high levels of stress.

Note: This program qualifies as a Participatory Wellness Program

under the Affordable Care Act (ACA).