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Transforming Anger


Transforming Anger: The HeartMath® Solution for Letting Go of Rage, Frustration and Irritation


By Doc Childre and Deborah Rozman, Ph.D.


Turn Around Your Anger Habit


Are you dealing with anger you can't seem to manage? This book can give you hope, as well as practical tools. The heart is so powerful – generating 60 times the electrical amplitude of the brain – that it can regulate your emotional reaction patterns. Adults with long histories of anger, teenagers with shifting emotional moods and raging hormones, children who are easily frustrated have used the power of the heart to change their feelings and perceptions in the midst of angry reactions. Transforming Anger includes the Attitude Breathing®, Neutral®, Heart Lock-In®, Freeze-Frame®, Asset/Deficit Balance Sheet and Intuitive Listening techniques and teaches you how to use them in a clinical setting.



The purpose of Transforming Anger is to help you:



Better understand how and why anger occurs in your daily life.


Understand how your body triggers and responds to anger.


Learn and use fast-acting tools and techniques to get in sync and release anger.


Find and act on new solutions for situations involving anger.



Transforming Anger includes:



128 pages, paperback




Appendix: Using HeartMath Tools in Clinical Practice.


Exercises throughout the book to deepen your understanding of the HeartMath techniques.



Table of Contents:


Chapter 1: Why This Book Is Different

Managing Anger, Technology of the Heart, Intelligent Love


Chapter 2: Why Are We So Mad?

The Environment of Anger, The Anger Habit, Expressions of Anger, Addressing Runaway Anger


Chapter 3: What’s the Heart Got to Do with It?

What Happens in Your Body When You Feel Anger? A Fast Track for Turning Around Negatives, Wide-Angle Lens or Narrow Focus? Transforming the Anger Habit


Chapter 4: Stopping Emotional Triggers

Emotional Projections, Neutralizing a Projection, The Heart Feels Different, The Courage to Listen to Your Heart


Chapter 5: Knowing Your Head From Your Heart

The Power to change, The Mechanism of Emotional Histories, Changing the Old Information, Choosing Heart Intelligence


Chapter 6: Building New References Points

How People Are Using Freeze-Frame, Using Freeze-Frame in Action, Slowing the Galloping Mind


Chapter 7: Sustaining the Shift: Conserving Your Emotional Energy

How Do You Spend Your emotional Energy? Improving Your Bottom Line, Overpersonalization


Chapter 8: The Power of Compassion

Anger as a Cover-Up, Heart Vulnerability, Finding Your Rhythm Through Resistance, From Mechanical Reaction to Compassionate Response, Core Values


Chapter 9: Transforming Anger at Home

What Triggers your Anger at Home? Breaking the Cycle of Anger, Taking “Time-Out” to the Heart, Authentic Communication, Intuitive Listening with Children


Chapter 10: Transforming Anger in the Workplace

Developing Business Heart, Finding Your Rhythm Under Pressure, Finding Your Rhythm in Communication Issues


Chapter 11: It’s All About Heart

The Care Shift, It’s Heart Time, New Hope


Appendix: Using HeartMath Tools in Clinical Practice

Relaxation, Visualization and Meditation, Adding the HeartMath Interventions, Tips for Using the Techniques in Therapeutic Environments

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