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Transforming Depression


Transforming Depression: The HeartMath® Solution to Feeling Overwhelmed, Sad, and Stressed

By Doc Childre and Deborah Rozman, Ph.D.

Foreword by Frank Lawlis, Ph.D., Clinical and Counseling Psychologist


Release and Prevent Depression

You’re constantly bombarded by deadlines, demands and news – much of it bad – from around the world. This constant sense of overwhelm, fatigue and being stretched to the limit can leave you feeling hopeless, uninterested in things you used to enjoy and depressed. This newest book in HeartMath’s Transforming Series is based on 16 years of scientific research. It describes simple, but powerful tools such as Notice and Ease and the Power of Neutral and gives an in-depth understanding of the Cut-Thru® technique. Learn to clear stressful feel­ings as they come up and emotional restructuring techniques. Read about the root causes of many depres­sive patterns and how to use HeartMath techniques to clear them. Transforming Depression can help you release and prevent depression and regain hope and inner peace. It gives you an antidote to the depression drug therapy that is so pervasive today and helps you understand depression as a transformational experience, rather than a destructive disease that conquers the spirit, optimism and joy. Take it to heart and it will help you develop the awareness and understanding to step into a new world.


Transforming Depression includes:

181 pages, paperback

References and graphs

Depression checklist, exploratory questions and worksheets throughout the book to deepen your understanding and begin to reset your physiology.

HeartMath tools and techniques especially designed to help clear emotions which lead to depression.

Table of Contents

Introduction: A Growing Epidemic of Low-Grade Depression, Medical Costs of Depression and Stress, HeartMath Interventions, The Heart and Spirit Connection


Chapter 1: Emotional Awareness: Understanding Depression, What You Will Learn in This Book, The Next Frontier


Chapter 2: The Planetary Shift

Current Treatments for Depression, An Increasing Rate of Depression, Emotional Responsibility, The Heart – A Transformation Agent


Chapter 3: Clearing Emotions As You Go

Start With Now, Notice and Ease, Power of Neutral, Not Enough Time, Hinge Points


Chapter 4: The New Science of Emotional Transformation

Heart-Brain Communication, Stress and the Brain, Cortisol and Depression, Heart Rate Variability and Depression, When Therapy Works, Heart Psychology, Connecting with Your Spirit


Chapter 5: Understanding Stress-Induced Depression

The Quick Coherence Technique, Developing Intuitive Discernment, You Can Embrace Change, Taking the Significance Out


Chapter 6: The Power of Intent

The Power of Heart Intent, Resignation, Understanding Your Rhythms, Getting Back on Track – How to Handle a Spinout, Obstinacy, Making the Energetic Shift


Chapter 7: Putting a Stop to Fatigue

Why Sleep Isn’t Enough, Rebuilding Your Emotional Accumulators, Clearing Energetic Presence


Chapter 8: Lifting Longer-Term Depression

Overidentity That Leads to Depression, Cutting through the Feedback Loop, Understanding a Funk


Chapter 9: Creating a Cut-Thru Practice Program

The Cut-Thru Technique, Take Action, Quick Cut-Thru Steps, Cut-Thru Worksheet


Chapter 10: Resolving Relationship Conflicts

Using Your Heart Power in Communication, Healing a Broken Heart, Embracing Forgiveness, The Crucible of the Heart


Chapter 11: Releasing Emotional Identities

Observing Identity and Vanity Motivations, Cut-Thru Exercises to Release Emotional Identity, Heart Approval – Growing Up, Living in the Heart


Chapter 12: Heart-Based Living

Putting It All Together, Heart Coherence Technology, Health Professionals Use HeartMath, As the World Shifts, Deeper Care

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