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Transforming Stress


Transforming Stress: The HeartMath® Solution for Relieving Worry, Fatigue and Tension

By Doc Childre and Deborah Rozman, Ph.D.


Take Charge of Your Life

Change the automatic stress responses etched in your neural circuitry and recharge your emotional batteries. Transforming Stress describes simple, straightforward tools – Quick Coherence®, Attitude Breathing® and Freeze-Frame® – you can easily learn and practice and retain permanently to literally transform stress by shifting your heart's rhythms. These scientifically proven techniques alter the body's physical response to stress and show how to attain a peaceful, positive state.


Balance Your Emotions

Emotions and thoughts affect your heart rhythms, and the core of HeartMath’s method is emotion regulation. Focusing on positive feelings such as appreciation, care or compassion creates dramatic changes in heart rhythms and leads to neural, hormonal and biochemical actions that dissipate stress and result in greater well-being. The benefits of HeartMath’s system are remarkable and far-reaching: lower blood pressure and stress-hormone levels, greater immune system activity and anti-aging hormone levels. You’ll soon engage your heart’s intelligence to bring emotion, body and mind into balance and create a zone of clarity, where you’ll enjoy optimal health and performance. These changes are the perfect antidote to a fast-paced, sometimes chaotic world. Replace emotional energy drain with new energy and vitality, eliminate judgments of yourself and others, experience the joy of stress-free living and be who you want to be.


Transforming Stress includes:

150 pages, paperback

Graphs and diagrams


Exercises throughout the book to deepen your understanding of the HeartMath techniques

Table of Contents:

Introduction: Your Heart Really Knows, How Stress Affects You, The HeartMath Solution to Stress, How to Use This Book

Chapter 1: A Change of Heart Changes Everything

The Heart in HeartMath, Emotions and Heart Rhythms, Harnessing the Power of the Heart

Chapter 2: The Rhythm of Emotion

The Power of Rhythm, Emotional Regeneration

Chapter 3: The Energetic Field of Stress

An Electromagnetic Field Effect, Amplified Speed: The Stresses of Your Daily Life, The Emotional Virus, Stress Is a System Issue

Chapter 4: Quick Coherence

The Quick Coherence Technique, Using Quick Coherence, Deciding to Use Your Heart Intelligence, Changing the Inside

Chapter 5: Transforming the Stress Response

The Stress Habit, Your Brain Listens to Your Heart, Transforming the Stress Response, Finding the Courage to Change

Chapter 6: Sustaining Coherence

Getting Pulled Back: Anxiety and Anger, The Anxiety Pathway, The Anger Pathway, Realigning With Your Inner Security, Locking-In Coherence

Chapter 7: Transforming Stress Into High Performance

Stress Hormones, Stress and Overeating, Feel-Good Hormones, Transforming Your Hormonal Responses, Improving Your Stress-to-Performance Ratio

Chapter 8: The Power to Shift Attitude

The three Brains, Attitude Breathing, Don’t Postpone Positive Change, Change Is an Act of Integrity

Chapter 9: Going Deeper in the Heart: Unraveling the Mysteries of Life

Managing and Clearing Emotions, Accumulating stress Accounts, Clearing Stress Accounts, The Freeze-Frame Technique

Chapter 10: Finding Your Rhythm

Setting Up a Practice Program, Becoming a Rhythm Master, The Transformative Power of the Heart


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