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Inner Balance for iOS Lightening


Expanding Heart Connections

Practicing with the Inner Balance trainer makes learning to connect with your heart's intuitive intelligence more fun, motivating and rewarding. With a little daily practice, you’ll experience more ease, flow and a deepening and sustaining of your heart connections with others and your authentic self. Using Inner Balance for 5 to 10 minutes a day can bring more ease and mental and emotional composure into your life. You'll soon discover that your attitudes, feelings and perspectives are more positive and resilient.


Use it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

The new Inner Balance App and Sensor is an innovative and fun way to improve performance and well-being through real time, precision feedback and training. Inner Balance shows your heart-rhythm pattern (HRV), as a breathing pacer with built-in coach guides you into a more aligned inner state. The Inner Balance App works exclusively with the, one-of-a-kind, HeartMath iOS Sensor that attaches to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, and your earlobe. The iOS Sensor feeds your heart rhythms into the app. No technology on the market today tracks at the high level of the HeartMath iOS Sensor.

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